Results driven, creative, and enthusiastic professional with passion for generating innovative executions and exceeding expectations. Advanced experience in design, marketing, and business development. 

Solving problems is something I do everyday. Most often, I’m tasked with planning for A and B, and then rapidly driving a solution to C. It always takes out-of-the-box thinking and no small step can be overlooked. Deriving from my years as a fine artist, I now apply those skills to produce award-winning digital projects, create impactful ad campaigns, and direct my team to create a streamlined process, from pitch to execution. 

Creating a well coordinated strategy is a skill that can’t be taught, rather learned over time with experience. Thinking laterally to leverage every opportunity and foresee potential problems is something most people dread, but I thrive at. From evaluating competition to optimizing implementation, having a strategy and benchmarks to achieve is the key to success.

Designing for an ever-evolving technology landscape requires the core understanding of good design. I apply these concepts in every production step, for every project. From furniture design, to print magazines, to interactive commercials; I have successfully executed projects in every medium and enjoy directing momentous projects with decisive direction.

When I’m not working, I can be found photographing a new adventure or skiing/sailing. I am always open to discussing new ideas and opportunities, so please don't hesitate to contact me.

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