Walt Disney Parks App

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts wanted to inspire travel to their numerous parks and resorts by launching a brand new interactive experience across all living room devices. I had the fun opportunity to help channel the energetic brand into an immersive experience for parents, that was also engaging for children.



The first step to this project was user surveys. Discovering themes that ‘inspire travel’ for our target demographics was crucial to deciding the framework of this app. We tested several navigation structures and information architectures. Smart TVs tend to be more difficult to navigate compared to web and mobile, so it was important to create an easy to understand interface to house all of the great content.


During our surveys we gathered several great ideas about what inspires both adults and kids. Adults wanted to see the information, know the options, and be guided through a decision. Kids wanted animations, videos, and to know about the activities. We settled on a home screen that offered a large full screen animation with a collapsable side navigation.


Leveraging the hundreds of hours of video footage, we created a video gallery for each park. The gallery featured rotating hero videos at the top that were refreshed weekly. Below was customizable rows based on attractions from each park. We tracked video minutes and its placement and made optimizations throughout the campaign to increase playback.

Plan your Trip

During our user surveys we discovered a majority of parents would be hesitant to make a large purchase through on their TV. Rather than forcing an ecommerce component, we set to drive second screen follow up actions. We created an interactive map of the top rides and dozens of attractions for users to browse and plan out their visit. The itinerary was then emailed to them with more information on booking.

Plan your Trip

Sometimes a picture really does speak a thousand words. Each park had a collection of breath taking images for users to swipe through. What better way to inspire a trip than see the photos you will have the opportunity to also take!

Video Walkthrough

The Walt Disney Parks and Resorts app launch was a success! The app received incredible engagement and was adapted for additional platforms. Take a look at a video walkthrough below or read what The New York Times had to say about it.